Pipeline right-of-way workshop in Senecaville

Clif Little Guernsey County OSU Extension office Published:

SENECAVILLE — Pipeline contracts are the hot item in Eastern Ohio.

Farmland owners are being asked to sign right-of-way grants on a regular basis. Like an oil and gas lease, there are many items of importance for the landowner to consider prior to signing a right-of-way grant.

Ohio State University Extension is holding educational meetings around the state which cover important considerations for landowners.

The most important item for a landowner to do prior to signing any contract is to consult with an attorney. Next, find out what type of line is being considered: is it a gathering line, collection line, intrastate or interstate transportation line. Each system has different regulatory standards and agencies responsible for oversight. Below are additional points of consideration:

• What is the proposed location of the line?

• Are state or soil and water standards for installation being followed for construction?

• What are the width of the temporary work easement and the width of the final easement?

• Can apparatuses be placed on the right-of-way? Will these items create noise? Increase your level of burden?

• What if springs, tiles, or water drainage is impacted?

• How will things be reseeded?

• What if timber is damaged or removed?

• Is the landowner held harmless in case of accidents?

• When are payments due, and the consequences of nonpayment?

• Do you have a contact person indicated in the agreement?

The above mentioned questions in regards to right-of-way agreements are just a few of the important items for landowners to consider. At the April 18 “Pipeline Easement and Right-of-Way Agreement Workshop” being held at the Secrest Senior Center, 201 High Street, Senecaville, we will discuss these items in more detail. The program runs from 7 to 9 p.m.. Registration is $5 and must be received by April 16. Register by calling or visiting the Guernsey County office of OSU Extension in Old Washington, 740-489-5300. Registration forms with the office’s address and other details can be downloaded at http://guernsey.osu.edu/topics/agriculture-and-natural-resources/2009-agriculture-natural-resources-master-gardener-calendar.

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